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Duel at Dawn

Lyrics & Music:
Andrew Heinrich

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There once was a man he wore
A blade and wore a smile
He went oer the country
A-singing all the while
Until he came upon a lass
Who smiled at him and then ran on
Oh, he knew just then his journey
Was at an end

And hed give up his life for
That girl he barely knew
Hed hang his sword oer the hearth
If he had to
But the duel would be fought at
Dawn for this young lass
And her tears would rain like blood
On the summer grass

Now all gentles know that with
A lass as fine as this
There would be many suitors but
To these she did resist
For her true love lay with that lad
Who chased her down and took her hand
But her father bid her marry a noble man


A prince came to town hearing tales of this young dove
He said she was his and in time shed learn to love
And when the lad heard of this
He found that prince and dropped his glove
Oh, the duel was set for morning dear god above


They met on the field as the sun replaced the stars
Strong blades were chosen and the fight was long and hard
Until both men struck fatal blows
And died upon that field of gold
When the maid found out she cried
In pain untold


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