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Green Jenny's March

Lyrics & Music:
Andrew Heinrich

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Who called me up from ship to land
To fight with rapier in hand
It was our Dragon Queen’s command
To face great Ansteorra
Jenny Queen so fair and bright
With tall red boots she made to fight
Her shining eyes a guiding light
Against great Ansteorra

She called us with a smile so wide
And with fell hand she turned the tide
Her captains bold, we marched behind
To face great Ansteorra

‘Twas first upon our flanks they clashed
Trimaris boys our foes they slashed
And Midrealm men they fell right fast
We faced great Ansteorra
Our Griffon Prince both now and past
Did rise up and command the task
They regrouped well and charged at last
Upon great Ansteorra


Trimaris men set on the foe
They struck them down both high and low
With Midrealm blood their own did flow
Upon great Ansteorra
The final charge we called as one
While Jenny’s blade burned like the sun
Twas here it would be lost or won
We faced great Ansteorra


Trimaris, Griffon, and the Drake
‘Twas grave men we our foes did make
For Jenny our own lives we staked
To face great Ansteorra
The Midrealm fought like loyal souls
Trimaris struck down mighty foes
The foeman broke like waves on shoals
We faced great Ansteorra!


Now standing on the morning grass
Trimaris victory at last
The enemy oe’r hill ran fast
All back to Ansteorra


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