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Hellhounds Battle Rant

Lyrics & Music:
Andrew Heinrich

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Well hailing from the northlands
Is a crew of hearty rogues
From sea to sea their ship will sail
Where others dare not go
For none on sea in courts afar
Or in a valley low
Has faced this crew on sea or land
Without a scar to show

We drink harder than the sailor
We love stronger than the French
We fight tougher than the Irish
And are cunning as the Spanish
With steel as sharp as a razor
And a wit like a well-honed spear
A griffon on our shoulder
And in our eyes, no fear

In Meridies the know us
By the gully that we won
And the warlords fear our doctors
And the tales our bards have spun
Our girls are known throughout the world
By the men that they have shunned
And the tavern keeps they’ve terrorized
At the end of a pointed gun


It’s springtime and the gulf winds
Will bring our gleaming steel
It’s summer and the East Realm
Our righteous wrath will feel
It’s autumn and the hearth fire
Brings a good and hearty meal
For o’er the winter our dear foeman
Might have a chance to heal


Now when the fighting’s over
To the villa we will head
To sing our songs of valor
And the glory of the dead
We’ll drink some strange concoctions
And stumble off to bed
And wake up in the morning
With a price upon our heads!

Chorus x2

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