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The Revenge

Lyrics & Music:
Andrew Heinrich

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How many guns you got boys?
How many men you have?
How many gods to pray to
When Revenge be close at hand?

Revenge is an English galleon
She’s sleek and fast at sea
No lumbering Spanish vessel
Should catch her should she flee
But flight is not an option
With this captain at the wheel
For the ladies of Spain will curse the name Revenge
And her captain's steel


One night while sleeping dockside
She was set on in the dark
Twelve men with sword and pistol
They tried to make their mark
The captain leapt upon them, sword and dagger at his side
There were two that fled, the rest were dead
When the sun came o'er the tide


Here's a health to the ship Revenge, boys
And one to the Griffon throne
Here's a health to her deadly captain
May their foemen shake and groan
'Tis westward now they set the sail
And westward go ashore
Lock your daughters up tight
Or prepare to fight,
For they’ll be shouting “All Aboard!”

Chorus x2

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