Andrew Heinrich Music  

The White Star

Andrew Heinrich
trad. tune "Spanish Ladies"

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Farewell and adieu to you Northshield brethren
Farewell and adieu to my lady so sweet
For the White Star sails out in the morning tomorrow
I hope when the winds change
Again we will meet

We’ll rant and we’ll roar
Like true Northshield sailors
We'll rant and we’ll roar all along the salt sea
Until we strike soundings in the channel of brave Caid
From ocean to city be thirty-five leagues

The captain’s voice sounds with the strength of Poseidon
The captain’s voice rings o’er the wind and the waves
Steady there lads and hold fast to the riggings
For the black flag flies south over starboard and sea


Strong steel blades hiss forth from their scabbards
The proud first mate stands his broad sword on his hip
The cannons ring out in the mist of the morning
Drowned out by the cries of the men of the ship


Well the battle was met and the men they fought bravely
The captain stepped forth for to duel with the foe
The shriek of the steel and the screams of the dying
The pirates defeated, set back on their heels


Let every man drink up his full bumper
Let every man drink down his full glass
We'll drink and be jolly and drown melancholy
And drink to the health of each true-hearted lass
Chorus x2

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