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Andrew Heinrich

Andrew Heinrich

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In a shipyard
At the cross of life and death
Lie here with me
All I smell is your breath
Sweet like summer wind
Rustling my sheets
Tonight I must begin
A journey across the sea

His Grace of Parma
He has seen our victory
Our great Armada
We shall set the English free
We're to go ashore
Once we've cast Galleons aside
We'll bring them back the Lord
And their land shall be our bride

Where is your faith, My love?
Put it not in heathen charms
Our ships are great, my love
And cannot come to harm
Will you then wait for me
Here, untouched while I'm away
Will you then come for me
When I've won honor and the day?

Don't hold my hand so tight
Our fleet's the greatest in the world
Each hold a thousand men
To protect me when the flags unfurl
There's powder on the wind
It's black, like stone
My day will soon begin
But I must leave you alone

Don't hold my hand so tight
It isn't mine to give, it's for my god and king
If I die or if I live
And the glory of our country
Is furthered by the sword
And with the righteous go the grace of god
His bloody glory
To behold.

What's that you say?
You don't see things the same way?
You don't see destiny?
You just see bloodshed and the fray?
Who's got your heart in hand?
Is it the Devil, or the Moors,
Or is it fair England?
Some lover there you've always known?

Oh, I'm leaving
But don't you fear you'll understand
When I return
These priests I've summoned here
They have lessons you must learn
They shall be gentle, I'm assured
They'll bring you back into the light
And strip away from you
Your traitor's sinful spite

Inquisition, and to war
I see England's shore
I smell you on the sea
Though my blood is on the floor
All the powder, all the shot, all the faith
Was all for naught
How can God now fight with England
And leave us on the ocean floor to rot?

Inquisition, my god what have I done?
Inquisition, my god, what have I done?
Inquisition, I see the ocean floor
Inquisition, my god, what have I done?

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