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Hassenpfeffer Row

Andrew Heinrich

Andrew Heinrich

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'Twas August in the farmer's field
Outside of Copper Lake
And every year like every one
Before that bonny day
The bunnies gathered 'round
For the hassenpfeffer row
For to eat and drink and breed
And then play football near the plow

Well, bunnies breed like rabbits
So there's warrens all a bunch
And some of them are smaller
And some of them are lunch
But some of them are bigger
And the biggest don't you see
Well, they all recruit the little ones
In hopes of victory

Well one of these small warrens
Had a legend to uphold
They were known to be ferocious
They were known to be quite bold
They could pass and shoot and run the field
And do as they were told
And their captain, aye he was a fearsome
Striker to behold

Well this team of dogged bunnies
They arrived at Copper Lake
They put on all their uniforms
And to the field did take
They were emboldened by their captain,
They were told he had a plan
But they were all heartbroken
When their captain hit the lam

Well the bunnies they all wailed and cried
“Oh, what are we to do
Our captain he's not with us
Was he eaten by a Gru?
Then up spoke one bunny,
It was his rookie year,
He said “He’s gone and left us,
Yep, he's up and disappeared”

Well, the bunnies they got angry
The bunnies they got mad
They set aside the sadness for the captain
They once had
They took the field together
Ear to ear they stood their ground
And when they met the foeman
He was heard to make this sound -


Well, somewhere in the carnage,
Somewhere in the dirt
They came upon their captain
In the other team's bright shirt
He'd abandoned all his kinsmen
For some friends in other clothes
But when they came upon him
He was bruised from tail to nose!

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