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Mercenary Heart

Andrew Heinrich

Andrew Heinrich

Lyrics: pdf

Chorus: Mercenary heart won't warm by the fire
Keep your eyes on the flame boys
And away from the funeral pyre
All you need is some good steel
And a purse full of coin
There's a lass in every bar
And always an army to join

We wear red gloves, son,
So you can't see the blood
We wear thick boots, son,
To tread through the mud
Keep your sword on the keenest edge
And your mind from your home
And remember your bones are on loan


When the battle is met, son,
Keep your shield well in hand
Thrust until you feel flesh split
And spill upon the land
Do not look to the fallen men
Or the light of the sun
Til your very last battle
Be won


Do not look to the field now that
The war cries are gone
You can collect your pay now that
The battle is won
And if your heart cries out
Thrust it deep in the snow
For a mercenary's heart is cold


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