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Winter Maiden

Andrew Heinrich

Andrew Heinrich

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The hills are white
Bound by snow
Paying tribute to the winter wind
And the purity of cold
There stands a maid
Dressed in white
With a smile to melt the iceflake
She's as bonny as the tide

From near and far
They come to kneel
With smiles of adoration
They all offer her their steel
Blood and bone
Song and sweat
All who see the winter maiden
They all give without regret

Will she take thy hand
Cast her eyes thy way?
It's a worthy thing
To give one's life this way
Winter maiden
Gentle Queen
Thy name is on the lips
Of everyone who dares to dream

Without a thought
They'll face any death
Sail any sea
Give their last breath
No weighty doubt
Can stay their hand
In Gwynneth's name
For Gwynneth's land


And now her time has come
We bid a fond farewell
And cry joyful tears
O'er her empty chair
Our guiding star
Our silver compass rose
Who calls the golden fleets
And our drake ships home


Will she take my hand
Cast her eyes my way
It's a worthy thing
To give my life this way
Winter Maiden
Gentle Queen
Thy name is on the lips of everyone
Who dares to dream

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